Science in the media 5/31

1)This article is about the Spirit Rover. It is also about the Spirit Rover’s retirement and last photos.

2) This relates to earth science because not only did we learn earth science, we also learned a little bit about space. NASA has been interested in Mars for a long time, hoping for life or some form of habitability. The rover lasted much longer than it had planned to.

3) My opinion on this is that it is pretty amazing that the spirit rover lasted 6 years when it was only supposed to last a few months. If we can get more projects like this hopefully we can start making progress on more reliable space travel, it’s only a matter of time before the human race starts expanding from this planet.

part 2

1)This article is about the spacecraft endeavoor and it’s last journey back to earth.

2) This again relates to earth science… blah blah blah… this is another article about spacetravel and such, but the Endeavour was created after the loss of Challenger; another space shuttle that blew up in 1986.

3) My opinion on this is that the Endeavour has been a big step in space discovery. If we can take the endeavour and improve on it then that would be an even greater step. Which is probably why they are retiring it in the first place.



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