Science in the Media 5/27

1) This article is about a finished space station’s crew. The crew are to build a model of the space station out of legos.

2) This relates to science in my freshman year when we learned about space. The space station is one of our many attempts to start space travel. A space station is a satellite that is used for docking spacecraft. A space station has very limited ways of movement.

3) My opinion of this is that legos are awesome, but other than that my opinion on space travel is about the same. I hope someday we can more successfully make our way to space, and find other inhabitable planets. I think it may be a while before this happens, but it will happen someday.


1) This article is about a jetpack that flew up to 5000 feet. It was created by Glenn Martin.

2) This doesn’t really relate to anything we have learned so far. Maybe minor physics? But this is still pretty cool. If a jetpack isn’t “sciencey” then i don’t know what is. This is a step towards the future.

3) I think this is pretty awesome, but it still doesn’t seem very safe. They had to use parachutes for the jetpack to land. There needs to be a lot of work done if they hope to make the jetpack like the movies. But it’s still a very good start and i hope to hear more about this in the future.


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