Science in the Media 3/28

1)This article is about fish in the amazon river. The fish eat fruit… and then poop the seeds out, that go on to germinate.

2) This relates to last year in biology. This is how a plant survives and has it’s offspring find a place to grow. Whether it is a dog that has brushed against a dandelion, or these fruits that are eaten by fish, and their seeds move on through the fish…

3) Um, I’m not sure what my opinion on this is… I suppose it’s cool? It’s a way for the plants to survive. If i was a plant, it’s not the way i would want to come into this world. It is cool, that the fact these fish are spreading the seeds makes us want to help conserve these fish.

1) This article is about the history of nuclear threats, and how people have reacted to them.

2) This more relates to my us history/ world civ classes since they are about history, and history is about war. The threats of atomic, and nuclear threats didn’t come around until world war 2, and the cold war, and it is no surprise that people are scared of them, since they do massive damage to societies.

3) My opinion on this is that people have a right to be afraid. Not only is the bomb itself dangerous, but the lingering radiation that comes after is dangerous as well. The article states “10,000 people will have died of cancer a result of Chernobyl, the world’s biggest nuclear accident, according to some estimates” that is just because of radiation. Too much radiation is a bad thing for us humans.


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One Response to Science in the Media 3/28

  1. Ms. O'Neil says:

    26/30 Great Articles!!

    Next time, make sure your paragraphs are longer than 1 or 2 sentences. 🙂

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