Science in the media extra credit 5/31

Article one

1) This article is about a crickets metabolism. The more it uses it the faster it dies.

2) This goes along with biology from my sophomore year. Metabolism is the processing of a specific substance within the living body. It is one of the most important things about the human body and how is sustains itself.

3) In my opinion this is great because it backs up my reason for being lazy. I will totally live longer than any hardworking person and not have to worry about burning up my life force. That has been my plan all along; to be lazy, live long and prosper.

Part 2

1) This article is about Anatoli Petrovich Bugorski. It is about the time he stuck his head into a particle accelerator. (sounds bad)

2) This doesn’t relate to anything i’ve learned so far, maybe something in chemistry? I don’t even know what a particle accelerator is, but it sounds like a very bad thing to stick your head in. In the article it says that it paralyzed the side of his face, and he lost hearing in that ear.

3) This makes me think that i should never put my head into one of these things. I think it is funny how they made the small joke at the end, “Apparently Botox’s got nothing on a particle accelerator’s proton beam for stopping wrinkles. ;-)” So maybe we have a new replacement for botox!!!

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1)This article is about smaller science research and how it is still useful. Also it is about smaller science’s opposition.

2) This article relates to years of students saying “how will this even help me in real life?!” You can use this article for an answer! (maybe?) But even the smallest science can make a difference, even if it is the smallest difference it is still a different. The theory of gravity was a pretty small test at first. (apple falling on head? Waste of time, i prefer my religion!!)

3) My opinion on this is that we need the smaller science almost as much as the bigger science. Small science is safe. Big science is not safe. I remember last year (i think it was last year?) when there were rumors that when they were splitting atoms somewhere it would cause a black hole…. I didn’t think that was true at all, but who knows?!

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Science in the media 5/31

1)This article is about the Spirit Rover. It is also about the Spirit Rover’s retirement and last photos.

2) This relates to earth science because not only did we learn earth science, we also learned a little bit about space. NASA has been interested in Mars for a long time, hoping for life or some form of habitability. The rover lasted much longer than it had planned to.

3) My opinion on this is that it is pretty amazing that the spirit rover lasted 6 years when it was only supposed to last a few months. If we can get more projects like this hopefully we can start making progress on more reliable space travel, it’s only a matter of time before the human race starts expanding from this planet.

part 2

1)This article is about the spacecraft endeavoor and it’s last journey back to earth.

2) This again relates to earth science… blah blah blah… this is another article about spacetravel and such, but the Endeavour was created after the loss of Challenger; another space shuttle that blew up in 1986.

3) My opinion on this is that the Endeavour has been a big step in space discovery. If we can take the endeavour and improve on it then that would be an even greater step. Which is probably why they are retiring it in the first place.


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Science in the Media 5/27

1) This article is about a finished space station’s crew. The crew are to build a model of the space station out of legos.

2) This relates to science in my freshman year when we learned about space. The space station is one of our many attempts to start space travel. A space station is a satellite that is used for docking spacecraft. A space station has very limited ways of movement.

3) My opinion of this is that legos are awesome, but other than that my opinion on space travel is about the same. I hope someday we can more successfully make our way to space, and find other inhabitable planets. I think it may be a while before this happens, but it will happen someday.


1) This article is about a jetpack that flew up to 5000 feet. It was created by Glenn Martin.

2) This doesn’t really relate to anything we have learned so far. Maybe minor physics? But this is still pretty cool. If a jetpack isn’t “sciencey” then i don’t know what is. This is a step towards the future.

3) I think this is pretty awesome, but it still doesn’t seem very safe. They had to use parachutes for the jetpack to land. There needs to be a lot of work done if they hope to make the jetpack like the movies. But it’s still a very good start and i hope to hear more about this in the future.

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Science in the Media 3/28

1)This article is about fish in the amazon river. The fish eat fruit… and then poop the seeds out, that go on to germinate.

2) This relates to last year in biology. This is how a plant survives and has it’s offspring find a place to grow. Whether it is a dog that has brushed against a dandelion, or these fruits that are eaten by fish, and their seeds move on through the fish…

3) Um, I’m not sure what my opinion on this is… I suppose it’s cool? It’s a way for the plants to survive. If i was a plant, it’s not the way i would want to come into this world. It is cool, that the fact these fish are spreading the seeds makes us want to help conserve these fish.

1) This article is about the history of nuclear threats, and how people have reacted to them.

2) This more relates to my us history/ world civ classes since they are about history, and history is about war. The threats of atomic, and nuclear threats didn’t come around until world war 2, and the cold war, and it is no surprise that people are scared of them, since they do massive damage to societies.

3) My opinion on this is that people have a right to be afraid. Not only is the bomb itself dangerous, but the lingering radiation that comes after is dangerous as well. The article states “10,000 people will have died of cancer a result of Chernobyl, the world’s biggest nuclear accident, according to some estimates” that is just because of radiation. Too much radiation is a bad thing for us humans.

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